A Little History

The Photography Ministry was started at Holy Spirit Parish in the San Jose Deanery in April 2006. The Ministry provides a service for parishioners and the clergy during celebrations such as Baptism and First Eucharist. The Ministry is also involved with celebrations at Holy Spirit School for example the 8th grade class graduation. The challenge we were trying to overcome was how to balance keeping the sanctity of special ceremonies while allowing families to capture those special moments. Depending on the liturgy and the number of families involved there may be a large number of people attempting to take pictures at the same time. Imagine five families for a baptism ceremony and each family having a minimum of two photographers each, for example a grandparent and an uncle. This amounts to at least ten photographers taking pictures which would create a huge distraction for the congregation.

The Photography Ministry attempts to solve this by having a professional photographer take pictures for all the families involved. For any particular ceremony, the photographer works with the presider and the ministry coordinators to determine the best way to preserve the solemnity of the celebration and at the same time capture those memorable and precious moments for the families of the celebrant. This reduces the distraction caused by the number of people taking pictures and since there is only one photographer it means this person could also be better positioned to capture those special moments.

Ordering Pictures

Pictures are usually uploaded within 48 hours, but depending on the ceremony, it may take a little longer. For example, for First Eucharist ceremonies, in which there are significantly more children (15 to 25 per mass), it can take as long as 7 days to upload all of the pictures. You can use the Contact Me form to request that I notify you when the pictures have been uploaded and are available for viewing.